Gen Y Participatory Exploration Presentation

"Participatory Exploration" @SEDS SpaceVision,

"These are the slides from my talk at SEDS SpaceVision this weekend in College Station. I don't have talking points yet, but when/if I do, I'll post them here as well - I just wanted to get the slides up as soon as possible."

Editor's 18 Nov note: This is not the first time I have posted presentations created by some of the Gen Y folks at NASA. I have to admit a bias. I have seen them present these presentations more than once. In the cases where I only have charts, I still clearly get the central themes of what it is they are trying to get at - in storyboard fashion.

Having been a creature of cyberspace for more than a decade (I was "blogging" before the word had been coined) I am a bit of a strange hybrid in that regard. I have watched the Gen Y "culture" evolve on a daily basis. That said, I can understand why others (Gen X, Boomer) would look at these charts and/or listen to live presentations on the topic and feel that they are either left out, that the approach used is simplistic, or that the presentations are deficient in one way or another. Context is important.

What really baffles me is the lack of response by the Gen Y community at NASA to this posting - one wherein their presentation has been routinely bashed by others. And its not just an issue with NASA Watch given that their main website is also quiet on this topic.

If Generation Y/Next Gen/Net Gen seeks to change the agency they need to start standing up and being heard when these discussions go on in a public forum.

Full Presentation Below

Editor's 16 Nov note: Earlier this year a number of younger NASA employees briefed NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale on Web 2.0 and Gen Y issues at an SMC meeting. They were tasked to come back with some ideas/projects. It has been more than 6 months. Were those ideas/projects ever presented to NASA HQ? Is this a preview?

Participatory Exploration
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