Happy 10th Birthday ISS/Alpha/Freedom/Mir-2

Nations Around The World Mark 10th Anniversary Of International Space Station

"Nations around the world will join together to mark a milestone in space exploration this week, celebrating the 10th birthday of a unique research laboratory, the International Space Station. Now the largest spacecraft ever built, the orbital assembly of the space station began with the launch from Kazakhstan of its first bus-sized component, Zarya, on Nov. 20, 1998. The launch began an international construction project of unprecedented complexity and sophistication."

International Space Station: 10 years in the making, USA Today

"Ten years ago today the first module of the International Space Station arrived in orbit nearly 200 miles above Earth. Since that day it has been an global effort with the cooperation of Russian, European, Japanese and other space agencies in constructing the station."

Editor's note: Be certain to visit this link and check out the ISS assembly animation.

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