Shooting The Messenger at NASA

MSL Commentary in Science Magazine

"Finally, there was no mention that a NASA independent review team found numerous development issues that called MSL's 2009 launch date into serious doubt almost a year ago. Nor did it describe that scenarios for dealing with MSL without causing such deep budgetary damage elsewhere were proposed by SMD but rejected at higher levels in early 2008. That, and the concurrent, forced disbanding of the MSL independent review team, precipitated my resignation as SMD Associate Administrator."

Editor's note: NASA Watch has learned that the individual personally responsible for the disbanding of the MSL independent "Cost To Go" review team early this year was none other than NASA Associate Administrator Chris Scolese. He did not like the findings they were bringing forth. It seems that in his NASA, when you don't like bad cost news you either move the goal posts until you get the news you want - or you get rid of the messengers - or both. NASA Watch has also learned that several publications are preparing stories based on additional information provided by individuals in NASA, JPL, and the space science community. With the coming of the new Administration, perhaps Mr. Scolese and others with this old attitude should be "looking in their rear view mirrors".

Change is coming.

Editor's update: Still no response from NASA. However, some of the comments are interesting - even if many people prefer to remain anonymous.

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