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Another "Roadmap", Paul Spudis, Air & Space

"Considerable buzz was generated in space circles last week when The Planetary Society, the keepers of Carl Sagan's flame, released a report that recommended a re-orientation of the Vision for Space Exploration. This report was based in part on the results of an invitation-only workshop held at Stanford University last February. The object of that workshop was to examine U. S. national space policy with the specific aim of determining whether goals intermediate to a human mission to Mars other than the Moon were feasible and desirable. ... Space is a big place and ripe with many possibilities. The Planetary Society wants to keep it a sanctuary for science, regulated and ruled by scientists for scientific purposes. The Vision is about expanding opportunities in space for many different and varied parties, including scientists. "

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Humans to Mars Summit 2019
Military Space Situational Awareness April 1 - April 2, 2019, London, UK
MilSatCom USA conference will return to Washington from the 26th – 27th June 2019
Space Access Conference 2019
Mission To Methonē by Les Johnson - Baen Books

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