Transition Update

Officials Guiding the Process Are Named, Washington Post

"The Obama transition team yesterday rolled out a new list of officials who will help guide the process, singling out the Treasury, Defense and State departments as its first three areas of focus. The transition team also set in motion a plan to review the policies and budgets at federal agencies and prepared to hire new personnel. .... Tom Wheeler: Science, technology, space and arts agencies. On leave from Core Capital Partners, a venture capital firm that works with early-stage technology companies, where he is a managing director."

Editor's note: I am expecting to see the NASA team formally named shortly.

Reader note: "John Podesta is both the leader of Barack Obama's transition team and the progressive Center for American Progress think tank. CPA has just released the de facto Obama playbook, Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President. The table of contents identifies no specific chapter devoted to space exploration.

However, a separate position paper entitled The U.S. Space Program: Restoring Preeminence in Space Science and Exploration by Neal Lane and George Abbey is included elsewhere on the site."

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