Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt, its also SOP at ESMD

Cooke on change and the blogosphere, Space Politics

"Cooke also mentioned criticism of the Ares 1 development in particular, mentioning the recent preliminary design review. "I attended the review myself, and despite what was said in the blogosphere and the sensational media, it was very professionally done," he said. The number of "yellow and orange" evaluations that came out of the PDR, he said, was because the review was focused on those issues. "So we asked a lot of hard questions, and I have to say that the team was especially well-prepared."

Ares PDR Was Not As Smooth As NASA Says It Was, earlier post

"Below are verbatim commments provided to an online review website by the actual PDR recipients...

42. Not allowing RIDs to be written against the SRD and declaring it a finished document prior to the PDR was just arrogant and wrong. This was further evidenced and confused by the introduction of two version of the SRD, showing that it was in fact being changed behind the scenes.
43. This one goes to both this team and those above them. It is impossible to have adequate review of parts or the integrated vehicle if the schedules for other Elements does not allow for participation.
44. Allow adequate time for issues raised in Element or sub-system reviews to be addressed and brought forward. If we are actually building an integrated vehicle, then we need to pay attention to all the parts. We were directly told in training that the results of the US and Avionics reviews didn't matter to this review.
45. Not enough actual design documentation was available for review, many of the products were in poor shape for a pdr."

Editor's note: and so on ... But according to Doug Cooke, comments made on MSFC's official PDR participant review website are the imagination of "sensational media".

NASA to Update Reporters about Constellation Program

"4 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Dec. 17 NASA will host a media teleconference to brief reporters about recent developments and ongoing progress in NASA's Constellation Program."

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