Repugnant Behavior on the Part of One NASA Employee

Editor's 30 Dec note: There is a post regarding the release date of the Columbia report on the blog Rocketsandsuch read by folks in and around NASA written by an unhappy employee at NASA that claims "One spokesperson said it was released now to keep the crew's children from having to deal with questions from their classmates the following morning. Don't believe that for a minute. No, today's release was another piece of the duplicitous campaign for the Emperor to keep his job. ... This man knows no bounds, using seven dead crew as a lever for advancing his own career."

I submitted the following comment which as yet to be posted:

"Your statement regarding the choice of release date is wholly and demonstrably false. It was chosen for precisely the reason given. I have that on sterling, irrefutable, personal authority. To make such a statement is reprehensible, plain and simple. As for the rest of Griffin's campaign to keep his job, that is a different story. But for you to drag the concerns of the families of the Columbia crew in on this complaint about Griffin's activities so as to score a cheap and knowingly false point - and to do so anonymously at that - is cowardly and beyond repugnant. You should be ashamed of yourself. The decent thing for you to do would be to post a written apology immediately."

I simply cannot fathom how Mike Griffin could ever be a party to something as repugnant as this anonymous poster claims. Period.

Editor's 1 Jan note: The editor of Rocketsandsuch blog posted 8 comments - but not mine. So much for tolerance of different opinions on that site. Keep that in mind when you read it.

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