Response to Griffin Transition Team Comments

Editor's note: A link to the Orlando Sentinel article is featured near the top of Drudge Report titled as "SCIENCE FIGHT: NASA becomes transition problem for Obama..."

Keith Olbermann did a segment on this story tonight. Go to this page and click on "NASA to Obama: Out of my space!" Orlando Sentinel reporter Mark Matthews was interviewed.

Obama vs. NASA, round 1, opinion, LA Times

"Indefensible as Griffin's actions are here, the NASA administrator's stonewalling to incoming Obama bureaucrats doesn't come entirely unprovoked. Griffin's agency is the patriotic window-dressing to which elected types love to promise support for futuristic human space exploration when constituents are watching but don't actually pay for when it's budgeting time."

Tracking the transition: NASA not cooperating?, Federal Times

"If cooperation is truly a problem at NASA -- or any another agency for that matter -- perhaps it's time for the White House and Obama's transition office to sit those folks down and make them watch the Sesame Street clip below. Because as any preschooler can tell you: cooperation makes it happen."

Transition team trouble at NASA, Nature

"When one member of the team, who are meant to smooth the transition from Bush-rule to Obama-rule, told Griffin they were "just trying to look under the hood" Griffin replied: If you are looking under the hood, then you are calling me a liar. Because it means you don't trust what I say is under the hood."

Lost in space: NASA chief fighting with Obama, Facing South

"As chief of NASA, Griffin is also in charge of overseeing NASA's role in tackling global warming -- which Griffin isn't sure is really a problem."

Re-establishing NASA's Leadership, Huffington Post

"To allow NASA to accomplish its lofty goals while simultaneously stimulating the American economy, NASA must continue to engage this new commercial space community. This new commercial space industry should be viewed not as a competitor, but as a critical partner. Therefore, trailblazing commercial programs such as COTS, Centennial Challenges, and the now-defunct Mercury Fund should be renewed, expanded, and emulated throughout NASA's mission directorates."

Does Obama Want to Ground NASA's Next Moon Mission?, Time

"The mere fact that the story is making the rounds reflects the very real friction between NASA and the transition team -- which has sparked a groundswell of support among space agency employees to keep the boss. Within NASA, there is a real concern that while the Obama campaign rode the call for change to a thumping victory in November, change is precisely what the space agency does not need."

Star wars between NASA head and Obama transition team, Ars Technica

"The main bone of contention, Cowing told us, is the Bush administration's troubled "Vision for Space Exploration" moon program, which Griffin had been charged with bringing to fruition. "He pretty much threw out what was done before and started from scratch," says Cowing. "He came up with a plan that a lot of people say really wasn't ready for prime time, and he just shoved it down everyone's throat."

Griffin denies he clashed with Obama official, Huntsville Times

"It has never occurred that a president-elect has picked a (NASA administrator) before that date," said Pace, a NASA associate administrator from 2005 until May. "There's a first time for everything, though. This administration is interested in civil space. So, I wouldn't rule it out because there is no historical precedent."

Problems Reported Between Obama Transition Team And NASA's Griffin, Information Week

"Griffin has been working vigorously on the rocket program and lunar exploration plans supported by the current White House. Still, if the Obama team believes he is undermining its goals of seeing clearly what's happening at NASA, I'll bet he gets replaced."

NASA's Hissy Fit, Discover

"I can understand not enjoying the process of outsiders coming into an organization you're devoted to, and scrutinizing all the details of your work. However, as the parent of a particularly feisty four-year old, I find myself wanting to calmly tell Griffin in my best infinitely-patient-mom-voice to "make good choices". NASA, like the country, needs the grown-ups to be in charge right now."

Best Transition Story Ever, The American Prospect

"As hilarious as this space fight is, it also demonstrates the value of a professional transition, which we have seen thus far at other agencies. Predictably, the problem in this case comes from Griffin's fear that the Constellation Rocket project will be canceled, and he even has private contractors lobbying the transition team about the program. You never have to look to hard at any bureaucratic nonsense to find a private contractor ..."

New Prez Enrages Spacemen!, Gawker

"Most federal bureaucracies are happy to see a competent Democrat take charge and clean house, but one dysfunctional agency is furious with Barack Obama. It's NASA, and there is a problem with the "space transition team"!

Obama Clashes With NASA Moon Program, Popular Science

"Some engineers are recommending that Ares be canceled, and Garver's team has inquired about how much money could be saved by doing so. Even if the Obama administration chooses to stay the course on Ares, there is little doubt that change is coming to NASA."

NASA Administrator Muzzles Employees From Speaking Openly With Obama Agency Review Team, Think Progress

"... over at NASA, this process is running into a roadbloack: NASA administrator Michael Griffin. He has gone after agency review leader Lori Garver, who once served as an associate administrator at NASA, calling her "not qualified" to judge his rocket programs."

I've got a hunch that NASA's getting a new Administrator soon., ScienceBlogs

"Mike, it's her job to look under the hood. It's not her job to take your word for anything. In fact, she's not supposed to take your word for things. A new President needs an independent view of what's happening in the agencies. You get an independent view by sending people to go look under the hood."

Trouble Brewing Between NASA And Obama, Houston Press

"Not smooth at all, unless you count red-faced screaming fits by the head of NASA, his demands to speak directly to Obama, and his telling the person handing NASA for the president-elect's transition team she is not qualified."

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