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NASA Internal Memo: Happy Thanksgiving MOD

"... the obvious and publicized successes of a rapid fire Shuttle flight give us a good opportunity to stop and take inventory of our achievements. That does not diminish the huge effort required to keep ISS operations moving every day, and to make it look easy. Likewise, it does nothing to suggest the much larger plan/train/fly and facilities work MOD musters every day is less important than Shuttle flight. But like a holiday, reaching a milestone like the end of a joint Shuttle-ISS mission is a reminder to all of us to look up from our work and be proud of everything we've done for MOD and the cause, manned space flight*.

* Note: For those who prefer, feel free to substitute human, peopled, inhabited, crewed or progress even further to sentient or corporeal space flight. Try to resist the urge to send me an e-mail about it though."

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