Griffin Beg-a-thon Update

NASA chief's wife to Obama: Don't fire my husband, AP (Via Washington post)

"Efforts by those close to Griffin lobbying on his behalf are unusually bold, even for ego-heavy Washington. Past efforts on behalf of job hopefuls have been more behind-the-scenes so plausible deniability can be maintained. "It sounds like the only thing left is to stencil Mike Griffin on the side of shuttle," joked Paul Light, a professor of public policy and a presidential transition expert at New York University. "I've never heard of a campaign to keep one's job that goes beyond the edge of private discussion. ... Maybe he should be texting next." David Goldston, a former chief of staff for the House Science Committee and a lecturer on science policy at Harvard University, said, "This kind of public campaigning to keep a job is unusual and usually tends to backfire in new administrations."

Editor's update: The comments on this AP article at Huffington Post are interesting.

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Editor's 2 Jan 11:27 am EST note: Have a look at these two signatures/comments below from Scott Horowitz's heavily-edited petition to "Keep Mike". I'll be willing to bet that item 2326 will be deleted because it casts doubt on Mike Griffin - yet item 2313 is almost certainly going to be allowed to stand - even if the author's point of reference with Griffin was nearly 50 years ago.

2326 Michael J. Overboe "I am not sure if this would be a good thing keeping Mr. Griffin on. Sadly I feel it was a very bad decision to even think about retiring the Space Shuttle with out having a replacement already in place. I understand that NASA tends to get short changed on the budget. I think NASA should be getting BILLIONS for a budget every year. But that is no excuse. The failure to provide our Astronauts a way into space is unacceptable. To beg the Russians for a ride is not the answer."

2313 eddie esserman "As an Obama supporter and 4th grade classmate of Dr. Griffin, I can without reservation vouch for his intellect and character. The two traits that wowed me for Obama. He is one person who should remain on his post."

Editor's 2 Jan 3:17 am EST update: Just as I predicted, 2326 by Michael J. Overboe is gone but 2313 (now 2312) by eddie esserman remains.

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