NASA/DoD Wedding Speculation Runs Wild Over the Holidays

Obama may militarise NASA to save money, Register

"President-Elect Barack Obama may seek to save money and advance America's space presence by promoting closer cooperation between the US military space programme and NASA, according to reports."

Obama To Merge NASA, Pentagon To Help With Space Race, dbtechno

"It is believed that President-elect Barack Obama is considering a merger between the Pentagon and NASA to help with the space race to get us back to the moon and eventually to Mars."

Obama May Merge NASA, Pentagon Space Programs, Fox

"The move is being spurred by fear that China, which is making great strides in space, could challenge the U.S. for orbital dominance in the near future."

Editor's note: This is what happens when newspapers write articles based only on articles written by other news sources with a long holiday vacation stuck into the process - articles which themselves originally contained inaccurate information. No one is talking about "militarising" NASA or "merging" it with DoD.

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