Office of Communications Planning Is Gone

Editor's note: Have a look at this excerpt from the recently revised NASA Organization description. Missing is the Office of Communications Planning. It has been eliminated. Curiously it is still listed here (or here if you are inside the NASA firewall).

NASA Policy Directive NPD 1000.3D

Effective Date: December 3, 2008
Expiration Date: December 3, 2013

The NASA Organization


4.13.1 MISSION. The Chief of Strategic Communications works to promote effective NASA communications by ensuring synergy and strategic focus among the Offices of Education, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Affairs. The Assistant Administrators for the Offices of Education, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Affairs each reports to the Chief of Strategic Communications. Each office similarly maintains liaison with all other Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices and Center Directors.

4.13.2 OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES. The Chief of Strategic Communications reports to the NASA Deputy Administrator. Specifically, the Chief of Strategic Communications:
a. Develops and implements plans that address the organization's goals, objectives, metrics, and actions needed to execute the strategic goals and outcomes in the NASA Strategic Plan.
b. Develops a strategic communications approach for guiding the activities of the Offices of Education, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Affairs including:
1) Designing and implementing strategies and tactics that support NASAs mission.
2) Advising the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Associate Administrator, and Chief of Staff on long-range and day-to-day activities involving Agency policy and communications activities.
3) Providing Agency-wide standards for education and public outreach activities and products, and reviewing the education and public outreach activities and products that the Mission Directorates and Centers propose.
4) Developing the ability/flexibility to give timely strategic guidance.
5) Developing Agency-wide internal communications policies and instruments.
6) Building and maintaining the NASA brand.
7) Developing, in coordination with the Office of the Administrator, communications for matters of policy, budgets, and mission.
8) Monitoring program performance and metrics, as well as effectiveness and efficiency of programs and processes.

c. Researches and develops effective, data-driven strategic messages that can be employed Agency-wide and targeted to specific audiences (internal and external) to provide for the widest practicable and appropriate dissemination of information concerning the Agencys activities and results thereof, and to increase public awareness and understanding of NASA and its missions.

d. Ensures the quality of strategic communication activities and achieves consistency of approach, where appropriate, across the Agency through the integration and coordination of Strategic Communications functions and business processes.

e. Serves as a functional strategy owner of the Crosscutting Strategies for Mission Support (CSMS) Plan that outlines crosscutting management strategies, objectives, and actions needed to support the missions. Coordinates and provides input to the CSMS Plan and executes the Plan in alignment and support of NASAs mission and the United States Space Exploration Policy. Manages the office functions by reducing institutional risk to missions.

f. Ensures that the development of written annual implementation plans for the Offices of Education, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Affairs, supports the strategic communications plan of NASA, are both strategic and operational in nature, and work synergistically and harmoniously across Functional Support Offices, Mission Directorates, and Centers.

g. Holds the Offices of Education, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Affairs accountable for their annual performance, as well as setting specific strategies applicable to each office's functions in support of the Agency's priorities.

h. Individual mission statements for the functional offices reporting to the Office of the Chief of Strategic Communications can be accessed as follows. Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Office of Public Affairs. Office of Education.

4.13.3 SPECIAL RELATIONSHIPS. The Chief of Strategic Communications serves as a member of NASAs Strategic Management Council (SMC), Operations Management Council (OMC), and Program Management Council (PMC) as an invited attendee.

4.13.4 LINE OF SUCCESSION. In the following order: Assistant Administrator for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs; Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs; and Assistant Administrator for Education.

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