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We Aimed for theStars..., Miles O'Brien

"Truth is, we have done nothing to equal (much less top) the accomplishments of Apollo. And even worse, we havent tried. We did something truly great, but then walked away from it. We had lightning in a bottle and we opened the lid. Our country has been pulling the rug out from under NASA ever since Apollo. Really, the agency is running on fumes from rocket fuel that was purchased (on a credit card no doubt) in 1961."

What Apollo was .... and wasn't, Paul Spudis, Air & Space

"Miles O'Brien, late of CNN, recently wrote a column reflecting on the accomplishment of the Apollo program and the space program since then. He believes that Apollo was a great leap forward in space, a capability and step from which we then walked away. O'Brien asks why the country has turned its back on the promise of space and what it will take to re-establish the resolve we once showed in reaching for the Moon."

Why We Shouldn't End Our Manned Space Program, Esquire

"One night last fall, as the nation's economy rapidly unspooled, America did something big that we barely notice anymore but that no one else can match. We can't stop now, can we?"

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