Gen Y Management Concept Update

Participatory Exploration: The Role of the User Contribution System

Editor's note: These charts by Nick Skytland, NASA JSC, were used as part of his presentation at the NASA PMC 2009 conference. Alas, Nick selectively plugs a non-NASA website - - a site that openly blocks some people from "collaborating" with what it does. Curiously, Nick cites this website in a presentation that is all about collaboration. One other thing, how is it that a NASA civil servant can exert usage restrictions on a document he created as a civil servant as part of his official duties? (see last chart). These materials are in the public domain.

Missing Pieces: What NASA's Gen Y Keeps Missing, Rhetoric & Rockets

"I invite you to visit this web site, and read where Nick Skytland, a Gen-Y civil servant at Johnson Space Center (JSC), posted a presentation from the PM Challenge conference entitled "Participatory Exploration: The Role of the User Contribution System." Go ahead, I'll wait. Okay, now that you've read that, I'll make some obligatory grumpy comments. These are being written in the spirit of constructive criticism, not "Siddown, kid, and wait your turn!" I'm looking at specifics in the presentations and so am asking/commenting about specifics."

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