John Shannon Is "Insufferable" and "Smothers Astronauts"

Annoying Stickler Insists On Every Detail Of Space Mission Being Exactly Right, The Onion

"Moments after having their shuttle launch delayed, Discovery astronauts complained once again Monday about John Shannon--that annoying little program manager who insists on every detail of every space mission being exactly right. Shannon, who is reportedly always double-checking launch parameters for no good reason, and sticking his nose into parts of the spacecraft that have always worked just fine, delayed the NASA flight for the third time this past month. ... The insufferable perfectionist's fixation goes beyond ship maintenance and safety, however. In the past six months, Shannon has totally smothered Discovery astronauts, forcing them to complete endless navigation simulations, practice sea survival techniques despite the lack of water in space, and train for all kinds of hypothetical emergency evacuations, the vast majority of which will never even happen."

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