Rep. John Conyers and Anti-transparency

CALL TO ACTION: Ask your Representative to oppose the H.R. 801 - The Fair Copyright in Research Works Act, Science Blogs

"(from the Alliance for Taxpayer Access) February 11, 2009 Last week, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (Rep. John Conyers, D-MI) re-introduced a bill that would reverse the NIH Public Access Policy and make it impossible for other federal agencies to put similar policies into place. The legislation is H.R. 801: the "Fair Copyright in Research Works Act" ("

Editor's note: Just as NASA creeps towards enhanced "transparency, openness, and participation" as promoted by President Obama, legislation like that introduced by Rep. Conyers would give all federal agencies the ability (and incentive) to reduce (as opposed to expand) what the taxpaying public has as access to.

Obama Policies on Transparency, Openness, and Participation - and NASA, earlier post

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