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Editor's note: Today's cool new Twitterer: Nobel Laureate Baruch Blumberg who now Twitters as @BBlumberg. My business parner @marckboucher notes: "Nobel Laureate & great guy @bblumberg is now Twittering. I once watched Gattaca with him in the high arctic in a Mars analog habitat."

I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Barry for more than a decade. I recall one time when he and I shared one (or two) bottles of wine at dinner as he talked about rockclimbing in Wales when he was "only in his sixties". His interests are many. He is truly what people mean when they refer to someone as being a "Renaissance man". Its when people like Barry take to this new technology that barriers begin to fade. Barry is currently working at the Lunar Science Institute at NASA ARC as Senior Scientist.

Photo: L to R: Marc Boucher, Pascal Lee, Skou Crawford, Barry Blumberg, and Bill Clancy inside the Mars Arctic Research Station on Devon Island, August 2000.

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