Bart Gordon Goes After Moose Cobb Again

Lawmakers: NASA watchdog lacks bite, needs to go, CNN

"Apparently, Mr. Cobb thought he was supposed to be the lap dog, rather than the watchdog, of NASA," Rep. Bart Gordon, D-Tennessee, told CNN."

Letter to the President Regarding Inspector Genteral Cobb, House Science and Technology Committee

"President Barack Obama: In the almost $800-billion economic recovery package you signed into law last week, federal inspectors general offices were allocated millions of dollars of additional funding so that they have the resources to oversee spending of stimulus money. We are confident that many of the sitting inspectors general are capable of meeting this new challenge. However, Robert Cobb, the inspector general (IG) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), cannot be relied upon to carry out this important task. With an agency budget of more than $17 billion and another $600 million proposed in the economic stimulus package, NASA cannot afford another four years with an ineffective inspector general. We are asking that you take immediate steps to remove Mr. Cobb."

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