Gerst Does Colbert Report (With Video)

Can NASA take a joke? Try space station Colbert, AP

"Earth to Space Station Colbert: The cosmic joke may be on NASA. Comedian Stephen Colbert, who couldn't get his mock presidential campaign off the ground, is polling better by aiming higher. He's convinced his many fans to write in his name in NASA's online public vote to name a new room to be added to the international space station. So instead of NASA's suggested choices -- Serenity, Legacy, Earthrise or Venture -- the space station's new addition may wind up with the name "Colbert."

Editor's update: Well, Bill "NASA Man" Gerstenmaier managed to survive his encounter with Colbert, but he shied away from giving a direct answer when it comes to how NASA will actually decide upon a name for Node 3. While I do think that such activities are a great way to involve people in what NASA does, I have to wonder why NASA is running a contest where you ask people to suggest names if their votes may or may not mean anything - and the process for selection of a final name is not explained.

Name the Node Contest

Video below

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