Steve Cook Wants to Be The Next Deputy Center Director at Marshall

Editor's note: That's right, Steve Cook wants to be Deputy Center Director at Marshall. He has been telling people he is now aiming for the job. Given that Cook already has a posse that goes around portraying him as a leader - including making certain that he is introduced at meetings as "the next von Braun" - such grand ambitions are not at all out of character. It will be interesting to see what Steve's official bio looks like when that is announced - with his previous accomplishments i.e. his role in the failures of X-33, X-34, ISS Propulsion Module, and (soon) Ares 1. At least he is consistent in his job performance.

Ares PDR Was Not As Smooth As NASA Says It Was, earlier post

"42. Not allowing RIDs to be written against the SRD and declaring it a finished document prior to the PDR was just arrogant and wrong. This was further evidenced and confused by the introduction of two version of the SRD, showing that it was in fact being changed behind the scenes."

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