What Lack Of Oxygen Does To Typing Skills

Ed at 4000 Meters in His Kitchen: An Email From Ed Wardle to Trisha Creekmore, Discovery.com Interactive Producer, Discovery Channel

"Dick mentioned you might want me to write somoething for the web this year and I thought this cd be an inetersting starter. Im doing an experiment with a new piece of equip,ent that simulates breathing at altitiude. Despite spelling like a drunk man, right nowIm totally sober an dhavent had a drink in weeks. Its 730 am and I'm siting in my kitchen at home in Londonbreathing air at 4000m in preparation for Everest. I have to concenrate really hard to type this. I have to look at the keys and punch in each letter."

Editor's note: I will be blogging for the Discovery Channel from Everest Base Camp during the Spring climbing season.

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