Is the International Space Station Truly International?

Lost in Space, Op-Ed Buzz Aldrin, New York Post

Frank's note: In a recent op-ed published in the New York Post, Buzz Aldrin called the way the U.S. has managed the International Space Station as a form of Space Age colonialism. Aldrin said the U.S. treated its partners more like participants in the way NASA limited access to the station. He called for the admittance of such new space powers as China, India and Brazil among others, and for the U.S. to loosen its grip on station management. He suggested that the U.S. global reputation would be greatly enhanced in such a move, akin to how the Apollo program burnished Americas image during the 1960s and 1970s when many were opposed to U.S. foreign policy, such as the war in Southeast Asia. My friend Buzz has also made the bold suggestion that the U.S. partly close the spaceflight gap by flying astronauts aboard the Shenzhou as well as the Soyuz.

Readers, whats your take on these radical prescriptions by Buzz? Should the U.S. open the ISS to other international partners? Should we make use of the Shenzhou for access to space?

Editor's note: I removed the some of the comments from Claudio as they were accidentally published are were off topic and have nothing to do with the discussion and were simply inflammatory. Sorry about that. Let's stick to the discussion.

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