Today's Video: Inspire Me! Weightless Flights of Discovery

 "How can we inspire today's science teachers and students to meet the challenge of the American science education crisis and reclaim the worldwide lead in science and technology? Northrop Grumman is flying teachers on the Zero G aircraft to experience weightlessness just like the astronauts -- for a start. This is the story of the adventure from teachers across the nation. A film for teachers, about teacher, but inspiring to us all!"

Keith's note: The next step (are you listening NASA?) is to leap ahead of just flying teachers - and to fly students - and not for just 20 seconds - but for much, much longer.

Video below

Frank's note: Imagine how it would ignite the passion for science if NASA announced, after Orion is fully operational, a seat first for a student experiment inside the Crew Module, then flying a student to the ISS to operate it him or herself! Yes, I know space is limited and there are risks. But...just imagine the possibilities! And I'll go even further (and risk being branded nuts)-pledging to bring a student and the student's experiment to the moon. And I have just the organization to work with NASA on all of this: The ShareSpace Foundation. Why can't students go into orbit just like tourists? It's time, don't you think, to start working in this direction?

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