Guy Lalibert - a "Poetic Social Mission in Space"

"The Canadian and Russian space agencies will host a simulcast press conference from Montreal, in Canada and Moscow, in Russia to announce that Guy Lalibert - Founder of Cirque du Soleil and the ONE DROP Foundation - has begun training for a groundbreaking voyage to the International Space Station (ISS): a Poetic Social Mission in Space on behalf of the ONE DROP Foundation and its dream of "Water for all, all for water."

Keith's note: You can watch the press event live here

Space Adventures Announces Founder of Cirque du Soleil as 1st Canadian Private Space Explorer

Keith's update: Unsubstantiated Space Adventures hype via Twitter: ec_anderson "Guy Laliberte would be first Artist in Space, will be developing an artistic, poetic, project that will entertain and delight all!". I beg to differ. Alan Bean, an artist in his own right, flew in space 40 years ago. And of course, there are other artists who have flown in space. Richard Garriott (another Space Adventures customer) created works of art while aboard ISS. Ed Lu played the piano, etc.

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