Jeff Hanley's Selective Recollection

NASA ESMD Internal Memo from Jeff Hanley: 6/20 Cx Update - Moving Forward

"During the public session, we used our time to cover two charts of Cx 'mythbusters' on some topics that need to be clearly described to remedy potential perceptions based on the way they have been reported in some of the media. This went very well, by all reports. ... I will leave the sharing of non-Cx topics for others to discuss, but all in all we left pleased that we had achieved what we had come to achieve. That combined with a fair and balanced report by Aerospace on their EELV vs Ares study and a well-presented Shuttle sidemount talk by John Shannon made for a good day at the end of the public session."

Keith's note: I guess Jeff stepped out of the room while the DIRECT presentation was being made ...

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