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AP Interview: Ex-NASA head critical of Obama move, AP

"But Griffin doesn't have the same warm feelings about the administration's decision to study NASA's plan for the manned spaceflight program. Critics both outside and inside the agency have questioned NASA's plans for returning to the moon and, eventually, traveling to Mars. "This review is not, in my judgment, necessary from a technical point of view," he said. "But it does seem to be necessary if we are going to quiet some of the criticism of what NASA is doing, and if we are going to get the new administration on board."

Keith's note: Gee Mike, where do I start - how about the rocket you designed (Ares 1) - one that still does not have a workable design after a PDR that is still not complete; cannot launch the Orion vehicle it was supposed to be able to launch (requiring a crew reduction); risks crew injury during use of its launch escape system (as currently designed); and despite misinformation from MSFC to the contrary (as currently designed), still exposes crews to unacceptable vibrations (JSC report on its way to HQ). I'd say there is ample doubt to fuel a re-examination of your plans.

You can catch up with Mike and Becky at GriffinSpace LLC - when they get their website online, that is.

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