Will Attorney General Holder Appeal HSPD-12 Decision?

Give JPL workers their space, opinion, LA Times

"Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. now has 60 days to decide whether to appeal the 9th Circuit's ruling to the Supreme Court. As Dan Stormer, one of the lawyers representing the JPL scientists, put it: "This really is a gut check for the Obama administration on privacy issues. No other administration ever has gone as far in invading the privacy of U.S. citizens, and it would be shocking if Holder proceeds with this." Holder already has shown a willingness to disengage from the Bush-Cheney regime's reckless overreaching, as in the case of the trumped-up espionage prosecution of two former employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The attorney general needs to do the right thing again and let the men and women of JPL get back to the serious business of exploring the universe."

JPL Employees Win Appeal on HSPD-12, earlier post

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