Yes, I'm Back

Keith's note: I got back from Nepal a few days ago. After 6 weeks in the Himalayas, I am deeply tanned from the neck up (and wrists out) and I am 21 pounds lighter. I am still adjusting to the thick atmosphere you folks enjoy at sea level (my lungs are a little clogged right now). I am also readjusting to the concept of walking on flat ground in something other than high end mountaineering boots. Of course, there is also all of the non-Nepali, non-Everest Base Camp cuisine to which I am getting reacquainted ...

As for what the whole experience was like: suffice it to say: it was extraordinary - and life altering. Curiously, as my friend Scott was making his summit bid - his moon walk, if you will - only a few miles away from me, I felt like Mike Collins must have felt during Apollo 11: so very close - yet (still) so far. But I certainly had the best seat in the solar system!

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