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Does The President Need to Micromanage NASA?, National Space Society Blog

"It is time for NASA to grow up and take responsibility for its self and its accomplishments, and do so within a flat budget. Don't expect to see Apollo level funding again. Don't expect a President with 2 wars going on, a third one possibly on the horizon, the worst economic crisis in the last 80 years, and a health care crisis to worry about NASA. Barrak Obama put NASA in the able hands of Charlie Bolden and Lori Garver so he wouldn't have to care about NASA and could simply make speeches about the wonderful things NASA is accomplishing during his administration."

Keith's note: Ouch, this is rather gloomy, depressing, and cynical talk from the National Space Society's official blog given that two of its former Executive Directors are at NASA - one being Deputy Administrator and the other being Chief of Staff - both of whom hold opposite, clearly hopeful views of what lies ahead for NASA. It is also odd that the webmaster of this blog, Karen Shea, does not even bother to spell the President's name correctly.

Keith's update: The President's name is now spelled correctly (here is the original posting). That aside, I am not certain why I would join an organization claiming to be pro space that posts things like this on their official blog.

P.S. Off-topic Obama (or Bush)-bashing posts will simply not be published. So don't waste your time composing them.

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