Americans Think That NASA Is Doing A Good Job

CDC Tops Agency Ratings; Federal Reserve Board Lowest - NASA ratings remain high, while Federal Reserve has lost ground, Gallup

"At a time when Americans are discouraged about the direction of the country and hesitant about the scope of President Barack Obama's federal budget plans, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NASA, and the FBI earn credit for a job well done from a majority of Americans. The 61% who say the CDC is doing an excellent or good job can be contrasted with the 30% who say this of the Federal Reserve Board, making the latter the worst reviewed of nine agencies and departments rated in the July 10-12 Gallup Poll."

Opinion: NASA Needs To Be in Space, Oh My Gov

"Not all Americans are convinced of the benefit that space exploration brings, however. Despite the positive spin put on the situation by, 48% of people in 2008 opposed increasing NASA's funding, despite the fact that it constitutes less than 1% of the Federal Government's total budget. 52% of Americans wanting to increase space exploration funding hardly constitutes a consensus. To illustrate the lack of interest, NASA's 2008 budget of $17.3 billion is one-fifth the amount that Americans spend annually on beer. Even if you factor in the amount spent on private space exploration, we as a nation have shown that we're far more interested in light beer than light speed."

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