Ares 1 Abort Study Update

Keith's note: There is a meeting underway at MSFC in room 1201 in building 4203 - started at 7 am CDT. Steve Cook's plan is to discredit the 45th Space Wing abort study.

Of course Steve will mount a witch hunt to see how the report got out. So much for openness at NASA. One small problem, Steve: this not a NASA report (i.e. it did not originate within NASA) and it is marked "unclassified".

USAF: Orion Crew Will Not Survive Early Mission Abort, earlier post

Keith's update: Charlie Bolden was supposed to have been given an update on this project yesterday. The MSFC approach seeks to question the methods used and results obtained by the USAF and that NASA has a "timing" issue that makes them confident that their abort scenarios can get the crew out of harm's way. But more work needs to be done. In other words they use the smoke and mirrors approach to get out of this pickle. Meanwhile a classic MSFC witch hunt is under way to find out how a USAF briefing got distributed to some - but not others - at NASA - and then to NASA Watch.

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