Ares Adopts "Thriller" Theme For Latest Launch Poster

NASA JSC Internal memo: New I-X Launch Date, earlier post

"Today at CxCB, we presented an update to our schedule and a new launch date of 10/31/09 was approved. This is still a very aggressive schedule and requires a lot of tasks to complete on or before their planned dates. This schedule has a no-margin date of 10/17/09 along with 14 days of Mission Manager margin that I will hold. With the exception of FTRR and other "L-minus" milestones, no other tasks will move to the right just because our launch date did. That is: We will be managing to a 10/17 launch."

Keith's note: as has always been the case with the Ares-1 team, they like to hype the drama of the impending Ares 1-X launch with faux movie posters. In this case, with the most recent in a series of launch delays, the new launch date is on Halloween. The Ares folks have continued this movie poster tradition. Click on image for larger version. Trick or Treat, y'all!

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