Bonus Music Video: Sea of Tranquillity by Luke Powers

"1969 - felt so fine ... we floated free ... stayed up past our bed time .... gathered round the black and white TV watching cloudy images of human men just like me sailing across the Sea of Tranquility ... The astronauts in insect suits climbed out of their cocoons and floated down to the ground like cartoons - we bounced with them like balloons ... as we danced with those images ... in the Sea of Tranquillity..."

Official Luke Powers MySpace Page

"It's the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing--when it was still tranquil. Before the moon-buggy, golfing and other right stuff galluphumpery.

Now the astronauts are all hot on Mars. The red planet. Which makes sense. Let the moon be restored to its tranquillity. Let the sea of tranquillity slowly forget our intrusion in the long shift of millenia.

And us sublunary types can look up at her, and her dark quiet seas, and in moments pass again into our purer minds."

Video below. CAUTION: It's infectious.

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