Highly Promoted NASA Spinoff Swimsuit Banned From Competitions

FINA bans record-setting bodysuits, SF Chronicle

"On Thursday, FINA classified swimsuits as a device that can aid performance; on Friday, the group set suit guidelines on coverage and material. The new rule also says suits shall only be made from "textiles," but that term has yet to be defined. "The most important thing is that it's textile only," Mark Schubert, head coach and general manager of the U.S. national team, told The Associated Press. "I think we sent a strong message as to our feeling of what the suit should be."

This could be the asterisk world championships, AP

"Speedo developed the LZR Racer with help from NASA and blew everyone else away. But shortly after the Olympics, other companies -- led by the obscure Italian firm Jaked -- came up with a polyurethane model that made the LZR look like a slowpoke."

Olympic Swimmers Shattering Records in NASA-Tested Suit, NASA

"Swimmers from around the world are setting world and Olympic records in Beijing this month and most are doing it wearing a swimsuit made of fabric tested at NASA. Among the Olympic gold medalists wearing Speedo's LZR Racer are Americans Michael Phelps -- who has now won more Olympic gold medals than any athlete in the modern era -- and Natalie Coughlin."

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