NASA OIG Weighs In on Space Flight Awareness Costs

Opportunities to Improve the Management of the Space Flight Awareness Honoree Launch Conference Event, NASA OIG

"Although H.R. 6063 prohibits NASA from funding SFA Conference events during FY 2009, we found that the Agency could improve the management of these events, should they be held in future years. Specifically, while the objective of providing awards to employees and contractors for their contributions to shuttle safety and mission success is sound in principle, the circumstances of this event bring into question what expense is reasonably necessary to accomplish that objective. In the case of the December 2007 conference event, 232 honorees received a 7-day, 6-night trip to Orlando in December at a cost to NASA of $542,307. In addition, 41 Kennedy honorees who participated in the 7-day Orlando event received a separate 3-day, 2-night trip to Johnson Space Center (Johnson) at a cost of $43,431. However, these amounts do not represent the full cost to NASA for the event because they do not include labor (salary and benefits) costs for NASA and contractor employees who participated. We estimate that salaries and benefits for the honorees represent an additional $424,265, bringing the total cost of the awards event to $1,010,003."


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