Mike Griffin Lashes Out - Again

Ex-NASA chief Griffin calls Augustine panel "irresponsible", Orlando Sentinel

"Former NASA Administrator Michael Griffin apparently has sent a scathing memo to friends and supporters in Washington, lashing out at the work of the presidential committee reviewing NASA's human space flight plans and calling some of its recommendations "irresponsible." ...

Interestingly, Griffin -- who as administrator started NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services to coordinate the commercial delivery of crew and cargo to the International Space Station -- saved his most barbed remarks for the committee's support for the commercial space sector.

"What commercial sector?" Griffin asked. "At present, the only clearly available 'commercial' option is [France's] Ariane 5. Launching a redesigned Orion crew vehicle is a valid choice in the context of an international program if - and only if - the U.S. is willing to give up independent access to low Earth orbit, a decision imbued with enormous future consequences."

Keith's note: Mike you had your chance in the big chair and you blew it. Stop complaining while others try and clean up the mess that you made - and the gap that has grown as a result.

Mike Griffin Lashes Out at The Augustine Committee via Email (full text)

"8) "Technical problems" with Ares-1 are cited several times, without any acknowledgement that (a) knowledgeable observers in NASA would disagree strongly as to the severity of such problems, and (b) Constellation's "technical problems" are on display because actual work is being accomplished, whereas other options have no problems because no work is being done."

Keith's note: Duh, Mike, of course "knowledgeable observers in NASA would disagree strongly as to the severity of such problems". Up until recently their jobs depended upon saying so - regardless of what was actually going on. Why did Steve Cook quit if everything is going so smoothly?

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