Save Ares Campaign Underway

Ares may look dead but keeps kicking, Orlando Sentinel

"Nonetheless, senior executives from NASA's contractors -- including Alliant Techsystems Inc., or ATK; The Boeing Co.; Pratt Whitney; and Lockheed Martin Corp -- held a teleconference Thursday to map out a strategy to press for more money to keep Ares and Orion alive. Astronauts employed by contractors working on the project wrote an op-ed piece urging the White House and Congress to "stay the course." And the rocket's backers hit the airwaves and blogosphere, insisting that NASA engineers have found solutions to the rocket's major technical problems, including the likelihood it would drift into its launch tower on liftoff and shake violently enough to injure the astronauts aboard. Last week, the campaign hit the Internet with a video on YouTube that encourages viewers to tell Congress and the White House that NASA should stick with Ares and not "take a chance" with other spacecraft designs."

According to the Augustine Committee's website: "09.03.2009 - A Summary Report is in final preparations for transmittal to the Office of Science and Technology Policy and NASA on Tuesday, September 8, 2009."

The "Deciders" of NASA's future - Augustine Committee, YouTube

"At President Obama's request, a committee known as the Augustine Committee is reviewing Americas plans for Human Space Exploration. Although a thorough review was conducted four years ago--and a direction chosen, contracts awarded, tests conducted, and rockets built--the Augustine committee wants to stop work and do something new. This will widen the gap between the retirement of the shuttle and its replacement vehicle, waste billions of dollars and threaten Americas presence in space. You can STOP this."

Video below

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