Ares 1-X Launch Scrubbed

Keith's note: According to NASA: "Launch Director Ed Mango informally polled his team to ensure the vehicle and its system are all still "go." The range is not available after noon today due to reasons such as airspace and warning areas, planes operating on flight plans, and other issues. Today's launch window ends at noon.". The Ares 1-X rocket itself is all green and good to go. Winds have started to trend down and have hit - but not exceeded - the limit.

NASA was looking for a 11:20 am EDT count resume for a 11:24 am EDT launch. Weather is green on triboelectrification and is red on wind. Weather officer says that conditions for T=0 will be red for triboelectrification. LC says "We are not going to resume."

Heard on MSNBC at 8:00 am EDT:

Mika Brzezinski:"The flight will last 2 minutes and cost $400 million"
Joe Scarborough: "USA!!"

Heard on MSNBC at 9:48 am EDT: Jay Barbree says that Orion will carry a crew of "as many as 6 astronauts" and that the Ares 1 is the "best designed" and "safest rocket ever designed" .

Heard on MSNBC at 9:57 am EDT: Jay Barbree says "We have new people who do not have experience in this office who are trying to go through a commercial launch [for crew] and if they do it will be a delay for at least a decade before we have [something for] astronauts from this country to fly upon."

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