Commercial Crew Services Also Have The Right Stuff

Commercial Spaceflight: All Systems Go, Wall Street Journal (by Buzz Aldrin, Ken Bowersox, Jake Garn, Robert Gibson, Hank Hartsfield, John Herrington, Byron Lichtenberg, John Lounge, Rick Searfoss, Norman Thagard, Kathryn Thornton, Jim Voss and Charles Walker)

"... we firmly support the findings of the Augustine Committee, a presidential blue ribbon panel that has endorsed commercial human spaceflight. Sally Ride, one of America's most well-known astronauts and a member of the committee, put it best when she said, "We would like to be able to get NASA out of the business of getting people to low Earth orbit. We wholeheartedly agree. NASA should put its unique resources into pushing back the final frontier and not in repaving the earth-to-orbit road it cleared a half century ago."

An Open Letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden From Robert Bigelow, earlier post

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Kepler Communications - Aether
Baen Books - The Spacetime War by Les Johnson

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