Media Reaction To Augustine Report

NASA administrator addresses Thursday's expected space flight report, WAFF

"There are a million different routes to go where you want to go," Bolden said. "I know we want to go to Mars one of these days. How we get there is not yet decided, that's not tentative. That's constructive discussion and dialogue that will go on."

NASA's future missions in Obama's hands, Houston Chronicle

"The premier finding is that the human spaceflight program that the United States is currently pursuing is on an unsustainable trajectory," said retired aerospace executive Norman Augustine, who led the panel for the past five months.

Panel Says Planned NASA Rocket Won't Do the Job, US News and World Report

"The committee charged with reviewing NASA's spaceflight program concludes that the Ares 1 rocket being developed to take astronauts into space after the Space Shuttle is retired is the wrong vehicle for the job."

No to NASA: Augustine Commission Wants to More Boldly Go, Science

"And the two panel members in addition expressed their interest in bypassing a landing on the moon--the destination set by U.S. President George W. Bush in 2004--in favor of a lunar flyby or rendezvous with an asteroid or Martian moon.

U.S. panel pitches public-private space taxis, Reuters

"The United States could get astronauts back into space faster and spend less money by scrapping the Ares rocket designed to succeed the shuttle and turning instead to public-private space taxis, a presidential advisory panel said on Thursday.

Nasa 'should scrap Ares rocket', BBC

"A White House panel has suggested that Nasa should scrap its investment in the Ares rocket and instead focus on exploring places beyond the moon."

Put money into NASA or forget human spaceflight, panel says, Washington Post

"It is likely that the Flexible Path approach would engender more Public Engagement than the Moon First approach. In every flight, the Flexible Path voyages would visit places where humans have never been before, with each mission extending farther than the previous one, potentially leading to a full dress rehearsal for a Mars landing," the report states."

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