Pro- and Anti-Space Commerce Views In the Senate

Nelson Calls for Unspent Stimulus Money to Boost NASA

"The Augustine Commission notes that the time may finally be upon us when commercial space companies can begin to carry some of the burden of our access to space. Many of these companies are already developing capabilities to enable the commercial resupply of the International Space Station. This ability, according to Augustine, is critical to ensuring our ability to operate the Station beyond 2016 and to maximize the return on what has become a substantial investment. But these commercial endeavors serve another equally important function: they create whole new industries, and with that, new jobs for Americans."

Sen. Shelby's Speech on the Commerce, Justice, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill

"While I commend the Augustine Commission for their hard work, I find many of the aspects proposed in their summary report to be unsatisfactory and disappointing. Mr. President, I am baffled by NASA's path forward on the Constellation program. This program is built on a foundation of proven technologies, using existing capabilities and infrastructure. The Ares I team will soon launch the first test flight and the groundwork for the Ares V heavy lift vehicle is well underway. And yet, instead of simply providing Constellation with funds to move forward, it is delaying the current mission while seeking to have a do-over on plans that have been authorized by both a Republican and Democratic Congress."

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