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Keith's note: After he sent Mike Coats his thoughts on the Augustine Committee, Jeff Hanley forwarded these comments to others with some additional commentary. That email was forwarded again - and again ...

"From: Jeff Hanley
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 20:25:13
Subject: Fw: Reaction...

fyi - Coats gave me a draft of the Augustine 'exec summary', and after reading it I sent him these notes...

My overall reaction is 'what a fcking mess' - they make empty claims of 'possible' this and'could result in' that with no data, they contradict themselves by claiming to be worried about life cycle cost and then pushing 'options' that actually are WORSE for LCC, they dismiss anything positive about Ares I or Constellationin general, base theirfindings on a vacuum of systems engineering or responsible programmaticassessments, and ignore THEIR OWN statements from their public sessions that'any change in path should be compelling' by being dismissive ofCx as defined.



Internal NASA Email from Constellation manager Jeff Hanley to JSC Center Director Mike Coats

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