ARC PAO: Asleep At The Wheel

Keith's note: Earlier this month the LOIRP - Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project did a live webcast from Building 596 at NASA Ames Research Park. The project's co-lead Dennis Wingo and myself were the prime participants. NASA ARC PAO put a terse web page online about the webcast at the last minute. In so doing they used a Lunar Orbiter image. The LOIRP is all about the retrieval and reprocessing of these images in higher resolution than was possible in the 1960s. So, what image (low res and hi res) did ARC PAO use on their webpage? They used a 40 year old blurry, muddy original image - not one of our new crisp ones. It has been two weeks. Either ARC APO is clueless as to what the LOIRP is doing just outside their gates or they are just lazy and do not care to get it right. Go figure.

Keith's update: ARC PAO has now added one of the restored images to this webpage.

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