Too Close to NASA For Comfort?

Conflict of interest? Congresswoman staunchly backs Constellation -- and is wed to astronaut , Orlando Sentinel

"We know it's personal to her," said Dean Acosta, a spokesman for the Boeing Co. and for the Coalition for Space Exploration, which represents all the big Constellation contractors. "She knows the importance of [Constellation] because of conversations with her husband. She has been one of the key drivers and one of the key voices ... [and] one of the biggest vocal supporters of Constellation and Ares." ...

"If she were out there asking tough questions about Constellation at the same time she was out there roasting alternatives, people would have a lot less problems with her," said one senior White House official not authorized to speak for the administration. But it was her treatment of Augustine, a highly respected aerospace leader, that most angered White House officials, and even upset the former Lockheed Martin CEO himself."

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