Waiting for The Jury To Return a Verdict

NASA Internal Email From Mark Geyer: The Future

"A few news bureaus and bloggers have been reporting on some major changes coming our way. Sometimes the number of reports gives the impression of validity when in fact they are all reporting on the same rumor. I can tell you that I have not received any direction or information that would confirm what they are saying. That being said, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that there will be some changes announced next week and that they may be significant. Again, I have no specific information on what that might be."

NASA tops off new Ares launch tower at the Cape, Spaceflight Now

"The total cost of the mobile launcher project is estimated at around $500 million, according to NASA. But the ultimate fate of the skyscraping tower is up in the air as the White House appears on the brink of canceling the Ares 1 rocket and scrapping NASA's Constellation program taking aim on the moon."

Keith's note: I can certainly empathize with the Constellation folks: I was part of the Space Station Freedom team at Level II and we sat around for months working on a program that we knew was (more or less) going to be totaly overhauled as innumerable redesigns went on around (and often without) us. It was maddening. But we just kept on working because that was our job. We did not have the Internet back then - just NASAMail and fax machines. FWIW I do not think that all of the work done on Constellation will have been done in vain. Indeed, I see lots of "Freedom" in the ISS. Worry not: the hard work done by Constellation folks will certainly emerge elsewhere - eventually. Whatever happens, y'all done good.

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