Space Politics Is Always Local

Cancellation at NASA puts Olson to the test

"Former Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford, who had been in line to lead the House panel overseeing NASA before losing his seat to Olson, blames Texas' current predicament squarely on the sweeping congressional redistricting fashioned by then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land. "Texas has suffered greatly," said Lampson, who lost races in two congressional districts as a result. "Without that redistricting, I would have been chairman of the space subcommittee representing JSC and in direct contact with the president and House leadership. That would have made a difference."

Astronauts on Decatur rockets, editorial, Decatur Daily

"While NASA workers are legitimately concerned, there are signs that Decatur could enjoy some benefits in the midst of the hardship of a scaled-down Marshall. The most obvious is the potential growth of United Launch Alliance in Decatur. After massive effort, ULA's Decatur plant will soon be the sole assembly plant for three of the most reliable rockets in the United States: the Delta II, the Delta IV and, most recently, the Atlas V."

NASA's new direction could lift local space assets, Virginia Pilot

"President Obama's proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2011 delivered both good and bad news for space- and NASA-related organizations in Hampton Roads such as NASA Langley, NASA's Wallops Flight Facility and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport."

Obama's budget boosts NASA Ames, San Jose Mecury News

"Key areas of expertise at NASA Ames that are a priority in the new NASA budget include international partnerships, information technology, space science, earth science, small satellites and exploration technologies, Braxton said. NASA Ames employs 1,250 civil servants and 1,250 contractors, but Braxton believes that number may soon increase, and the agency's new direction could be a boon to local employment, not just for NASA but for companies partnering with NASA in Silicon Valley."

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