Jay Barbree Needs A Fact Checker

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Keith's note: Apparently no one does fact checking for NBC's Jay Barbree any more. In this video he says that NASA has spent "$10 billion" on the Constellation program and that NASA Is "close to completing it". He also claims that it would cost "$5 to 6 Billion to shut this program down" and that "70 to 100,000" NASA and contractor jobs would be lost. He also claims that "Mission Control would go dark in Houston at the Manned Spacecraft Center ... as well as installations in California and Utah." He then says "America will be going to third, fourth, and fifth place" in space. As for where the policy came from he says "I cannot find anybody to tell me that President Obama's fingerprints are on this [plan] ... the only fingerprints that I know are on this plan are from lower level bureaucrats." In closing he says "We need to get to the bottom of this because pretty soon we could be killing a lot of astronauts".

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