Flip Flopping in TX-7

Culberson: NASA Decision A "Surrender", Hotline OnCall

"The Constellation program is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule. Obama's proposed budget, released in Feb., would cancel funding for the program. Without it, Culberson said, the U.S. will have no manned space flight capabilities in the future. "He's shut down the whole thing. He's proposing to cancel America's manned space program, which is typical of this administration's pattern of apologizing for America's success, kowtowing to our enemies, bowing to foreign dictators and their obsession with trying to make terrorists like us," Culberson said."

Keith's note: This has got to be one of the most inherently contradictory positions I have yet to see any member of Congress take. For years Rep. Culbertson has railed away at every possible form of government spending as being inherently bad. But in the case of the Obama proposal to stop a program that has been wasting those precious taxpayer dollars and, instead, enhance private sector participation, well ... Rep. Culbertson promptly flips the polarity on his long-standing views because all of the rules are different inside his congressional district.

As for the gratuitous arm waving about "dictators and terrorists", hoping on the off-topic train to crazy town is also a trademark tactic.

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