Details of Presidential Space Flyby Continue to Emerge

Obama To Arrive At KSC At 1:45 P.M. April 15, Florida Today

"President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive at Kennedy Space Center at 1:45 p.m. on Thursday, April 15. He'll make live remarks at 3 p.m. and depart at 3:45 p.m., the White House said."

Keith's note: As it stands now, the session preceding the public statement will be closed and invitation only. About 200 attendees are expected. Plans now seem to include televising it. Despite earlier plans (and hopes), the President will not meet with the rank and file workforce at KSC - the ones who are going to be laid off. It would seem that the President spends more time engaged in a political fundraiser later that day in southern Florida than he does focusing on America's space program.

Meanwhile, the tug of war continues between OSTP and NASA as to who says what and when while the President is onsite at KSC. Word has it that the President will simply try and sell his policy and budget - as originally presented. No compromise will be discussed at this time. Again, this will all change again before the Space Summit/Conference/Flyby starts.

Media that have contacted KSC PAO looking for information as to how to cover this event have been told to contact the White House Press Office. So ... don't expect news stories with any meaningful insight from the traveling press corps. As was the case with the initial roll out of the budget and policy, it looks like NASA PAO has their hands tied on this space policy flyby as well. So folks, lets not blame them for this paucity of information.

Stay tuned.

Emilio and Gloria Estefan to host President Obama, Miami Herald

"The $30,400-a-couple cocktail reception is the Estefans' first political fundraiser, said Democratic consultant Freddy Balsera, who advised Obama's campaign on Hispanic issues and is close to the couple. ... will also attend a fundraiser at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Miami that same day. Tickets for that event start at $250 and $1,250."

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