Life and Death - A Year Ago

Life and Death - and Life - Outside My Tent Flap

"May 6th 2009 was one of the more remarkable days I have had in many a year - so much so that It took me several days to collect my thoughts on all that transpired. The day began with a friend and his colleagues departing on a personal quest. It was interrupted by an abrupt and brutal reminder of just how deadly this quest could be and how others can die in its pursuit. A life was lost this day. Lives were also saved. In both cases, it was Sherpas who either bore the loss or engaged in selfless heroics. I continue to be amazed and yet humbled by these happy, usually quiet, courteous people. Their strength and skill serve only to underscore their humble, understated nature. Alas, this amazing capacity often goes under appreciated."

Massive Avalanche Over The Lower Khumbu Icefall (photos)

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